Lithuanian press

Tėviškės žiburiai

The website is the online successor to the Lithuanian newspaper “Teviskes ziburiai” (Lights of Homeland) published in Canada from 1949 to 2020. The purpose of the website is to provide news by and about Lithuanians in Canada and abroad. We also publish reports about local events and activities in various Lithuanian communities throughout Canada.

For those whose Lithuanian may be rusty, we provide an English language section to help maintain readers’ connection to the Lithuanian community, with news summaries from Lithuania and insights into relevant topics from reliable sources, as well as articles about films, concerts and other cultural events.

The publisher of is the Lithuanian Canadian RC Cultural Society “Žiburiai” Inc., a non-profit corporation supported by the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation and other Lithuanian financial institutions as well as  individual donors. is updated twice weekly and has a Facebook page and newsletter, which is available to anyone who would like to receive it. Subscribe to the free newsletter here.